Which bride to be doesn’t dream of the perfect wedding gown? Sometimes we start looking through issues of magazines like “Brides” although there isn’t even someone at the horizon who might be willing to buy us a proposal ring. There is something magic about wedding dresses – even if you feel most comfortable in Wranglers and rubber boots in day to day life, for your wedding you want the one and only perfect dress. This dream is being heavily exploited by specialized shops – you might have to pay a way higher price for a dress that in any given colour you would get at a reasonable price, just because it is white and called a wedding dress.

There are several ideas you might consider to save big money on your wedding dress, without having to compromise too much.

Try to get a frock that doesn’t have the label “wedding dress” on it. First of all: nobody says you have to get married in white. In former times the colour white stood for virginity, but nowadays with couples living together for years before getting married, and second or third marriages being part of life, the white by no means is imperative. You can look gorgeous in pastel hues or even stronger colours like red. But even if you prefer white, there are very pretty Prom- or Cocktail-dresses in this colour and chances are that you will get them for less, just because you don´t buy them in a specialized store.

Consider to buy your dress second hand. It possibly just has been worn for one single day and comes dry cleaned and in perfect condition. You might get an expensive designer dress for less than half the price. And even if you count in necessary alterations you´re still a lot better of than if you would buy it new. You can try your local thrift stores, in bigger cities you even might find shops that specialize in second hand wedding dresses.

Another great source for second hand dresses is eBay.com, where you can choose between hundreds or even thousands of dresses in every size. On eBay you will find offers to have your dress tailor made with your specific measurements in places like Hong Kong for very little money. I have heard of brides who were very happy with this solution.

If your mother or grandmother still have their wedding dresses you might start a family tradition by wearing it at your wedding. If it is slightly out fo style after so many years, have it altered by a good seamstress.

In bigger cities you will find places to rent a wedding dress. Of course this solution is not the most romantic one. But if you consider the savings potential you might find this option quite attractive. You can wear a great designer dress for your big day for less than hundred dollars. And since any dress you buy is likely to end up in a plastic cover in your wardrobe, renting a dress might be a very good idea.

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